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The partial form of epilepsy is temporal, where the epileptoid focus is located in the temples, it accounts for 35-55% of stromectol pills.

Temporal lobe epilepsy is characterized by complex and simple partial seizures. With the subsequent development of pathology, secondary generalized seizures and mental disorders are observed. But such a clinical picture does not always indicate the location of the focus in the temporal zone. The disorder may radiate to the temporal region from other lobes of stromectol online.

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Causes and pathogenesis of the disease. The causes of epilepsy include a combination of organic damage to brain cells and genetic inheritance.

Its appearance is associated with perinatal encephalopathy and cortical focal dysplasia.
Perinatal damage to the fetus is hypoxia, birth trauma, asphyxia, prematurity of the fetus, intrauterine infection, etc. They are characterized by a delay or disturbance in the development of the brain and temporal zone. In the future, such disorders are manifested by neurogenic pathologies.
There are also postnatal causes (during life) as a result of traumatic brain injury, inflammatory and infectious lesions of the brain, tumors, allergies, intoxication, alcoholism, hypoglycemia, impaired metabolism or blood circulation, beriberi or high temperature.
Upon contact with neurotransmitters, with ischemia, hypoxia and birth trauma, neurons can die. Temporal lobe epilepsy may present with febrile seizures that may last for a long time. It can also develop mediobasal temporal sclerosis. The risk of transmission of pathology by heredity is minimal, since a predisposition can manifest itself under the action of certain factors on the child's body.

Hippocampal sclerosis is a common cause of pathology. The development of the number of diseases hasinfluence pollution of the natural environment, toxins in products, stress.

Types of temporal lobe epilepsy. To correctly determine the diagnosis, temporal lobe epilepsy is classified based on the area of localization in the brain. Experts identified 4 groups: amygdala, lateral, hippocampal and opercular epilepsy.
Sometimes bitemporal temporal epilepsy (bilateral) is also distinguished, the foci of which are located in two temporal zones. The disease can affect two temporal lobes simultaneously or be mirrored with the development of stromectol. Sometimes temporal lobe epilepsy is combined into mediobasal and lateral groups.
Based on the etiology, the disease can manifest itself at any age. In the presence of temporal lobe epilepsy, along with medial sclerosis, the disease manifests itself with atypical febrile convulsions (in children from six months to 6 years), then spontaneous remission of stromectol and afebrile psychomotor seizures are observed for several years.
Temporal lobe epilepsy is characterized by simple, complex partial and secondary generalized seizures. Basically, the disease proceeds with several types of seizures.

Symptoms of stromectol pills.

If monotherapy does not help in the treatment of temporal lobe epilepsy, then polytherapy with a combination of different drugs is used.


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The operation is performed with frequent seizures with a clear epileptic focus. Such treatment is effective, in 80% of patients seizures decrease or disappear. A neurosurgeon performs a temporal lobectomy with removal of the mediobasal and anterior parts of the brain in the region of the temple of the basolateral amygdala, the uncus.

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With surgery, there are risks, and the doctor informs the patient of possible complications (hemiparesis, Kl├╝ver-Bucy syndrome, speech impairment, complications from anesthesia). But after operations in 30-50% there are no seizures or become less frequent in 60-70% withluchaev.

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The course of the disease and its prognosis depend on the etiology. Only in 35% of situations, remission is achieved with medical treatment. There are many additional effective means: magnetotherapy, music therapy, yoga, acupuncture.

Homeopathic remedies show good results. From herbs, a mixture of valerian and sage, a rhizome of a forest peony, tea from walnut foliage will help. Prevention consists in medical examination of children and pregnant women, timely treatment of detected pathologies, elimination of vascular disorders of stromectol usa.

In the absence of epileptic seizures, patients can engage in any activity (except for high-altitude work, handling fire and moving mechanisms, where you need to concentrate). Temporal lobe epilepsy needs timely and proper therapy, which can make a person's life healthy and fulfilling.